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Behind the Scenes :: Treasure Hunting Tips from the Pros

Behind the Scenes :: Treasure Hunting Tips from the Pros


You may know Chris Morse and David Wallis as owner and manager of the Granary Gallery. For years, they’ve worked together seamlessly, representing artists, chatting with clients and ensuring that the business of buying and selling art runs smoothly. 

What you may not know is that, come mid-May, they add “competitive antiquing” to their list of skills and talents. For nearly two decades, this dynamic duo has traveled together to the Brimfield Antique Show in Western Massachusetts, on the prowl for hidden treasures, oddities and priceless antiques. Many of these one-of-a-kind pieces find their way back to the Granary, where they await your discerning eye and a new forever home.

If you’re a treasure-hunter-in-training, or curious about how to up your yard sale game, check out these tips from the pros:


Be an early bird. “Arrive at the beginning of the week,” says Chris (or if you’re heading to a neighborhood estate sale, be prompt!) That way, you’re getting the goods fresh, before they’ve all been picked over. 

Think like a collector. “Buy in bulk: multiples, sets, and bundles.” 


Follow your nose. To separate trash from treasure, Chris and David have developed a highly-reliable, scientific quality assessment process. Just kidding: it’s all about instincts. “We do the squint test,” they said. “Or we smell it.” 

The best strategy? No strategy. “It finds you; you don’t find it.” 

Always Be Smiling: “There are a lot of unique characters in the antique world. At Brimfield, each year we look forward to reuniting with favorite vendors and friends.” If you get in with vendors, they start to remember you from year to year. How do Chris and David stand out? “Always leave them laughing.” 


One to Watch :: Tamalin Baumgarten

One to Watch :: Tamalin Baumgarten

Behind The Scenes :: Opening Day

Behind The Scenes :: Opening Day